To register for the rally, please fill out this form.

The organization reserves the right to accept or refuse candidates. We aim for a good balance of different nationalities and types of correct Molsheim Bugattis.

Drivers must have and carry a current valid driving license. Each car must be registered for road use and have valid insurance. Each participant takes part in the event at his/her own risk and will be responsible and liable for any damage caused by, or to, himself/herself, his/her vehicle, passengers, or anyone else, without any recourse, in whatever form or manner, to the organizers, Stichting Evenementen Bugatti or Bugatti Club Nederland.

At the beginning of October we will let you know if you can participate. The payment (2975,- € based on a crew of 2 people in a 2-person room) must then be made before December 1st 2019.

If you want to include additional information e.g. about your health status, you can write it down in the comments area.