Sunday, June 7 :
We expect you in the afternoon at the Hotel Castel de Pont à Lesse.
Marshalls will guide you to the parking lot : there’s more than enough space to park the modern cars and trailers safely. A special place near the hotel is reserved for our Bugattis.
Welcome drink around 6 p.m.

We drive approximately 180 km each time for 5 days

Monday, June 8 :
Drive towards the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg where we have lunch at the Chateau d’Urspelt.

Tuesday, June 9 :
We’ll test your driving skills on a special road (NO RACE).

Wednesday, June 10 :
Lunch and visite at Lavaux-Sainte-Anne.

Thursday, June 11 :
In France we’ll visit the “Chateau Fort” of Sedan. Lunch in the castle.

Friday, June 12 :
Scenic drive through the valleys of the Meuse and the Molignée.

Saturday, June 13 :
Goodbye after breakfast.