International Bugatti Meeting 2020

Bugatti Club Nederland (BCN) welcomes Bugattistes from all over the world to the 2020 International Bugatti Meeting.  On behalf of the BCN, the ‘Stichting Evenementen Bugatti’ is responsible for the organization of this event.
From June 7th to 13th 2020 we will stay at the Castel de Pont à Lesse Hotel – entirely rented by us – in the beautiful Ardennes area of Dinant (Belgium), perfectly suited for touring from there for 5 days. We will visit interesting and surprising places along beautiful roads.
You can register from June 1st 2019 on. Cost per crew of 2 persons is €2975, of course including bed, breakfast, all lunches and dinners. Please note that we do not serve alcohol during the day.
The organization reserves the right to accept or refuse candidates.

Luc Hanegreefs,
Chairman of the Organizing Committee